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What’s The Best Way To Invest For Retirement?
Depending on your risk tolerance and personal financial situation, younger participants may benefit from a higher allocation to stocks than bonds or fixed income. Although this is a riskier allocation, it has had a higher historical return. Those entering or in retirement usually want to lower their risk by allocating more of their money to fixed income investments. Please contact us to discuss more.


What Is A 401k?
A retirement savings plan offered through an employer.


I Don’t Know Where To Start. Can You Help?
Contact us and we can help you.


Do I Need To Be In A 401k?
Unless you are very wealthy and don’t need to worry about money when you are retired then you can greatly benefit by saving in a 401(k). You can make contributions before tax (pre-tax), which is deductible. It grows tax-deferred, meaning your account grows with no taxes taken until you retire. You are only taxed on what you take out of your account.


What Is A Roth 401k?
A Roth 401(k) allows you to make after-tax contributions. It still grows tax-deferred and, if you have the account for a minimum of 5 years, you do not pay taxes on the money you take out of the account when you retire.


What Are Target Date Funds?
Target date funds, or TDFs, are well-diversified* investments that adjust the allocation according to how near or far the target retirement date happens to be. The further from the retirement date, the higher the equity mix. The closer the retirement date is, the more the allocation shifts to conservative investments. The change in allocation over time is commonly referred to as the glide path.


Maybe I Can Think It Over For A While?
Time is on your side since you are able to take advantage of compounding interest. Why not pay yourself now and think about it later? The best time to join a 401(k) is the present. Saving only gets more difficult over time; do yourself a favor and join now.


*Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.