As a Member Firm of M Financial, we have access to a broad range of solutions and tools to help our clients benchmark and select administrators who best meet their plan’s needs, conduct investment analysis and performance monitoring, assist with plan administration, and address fiduciary obligations.

Plan Benchmarking  |  Advisor Benchmarking  |  Request for Proposals  |  Investment Analytics

Plan Benchmarking

Fiduciary Benchmarks (FBi) Reports

  • FBi is a leading authority on fees, participant success measurs, support, and services for defined contribution plans
  • FBi’s proprietary database is used to compare a client’s plan to plans of similar demographics in the areas of:
    • Record-keeper fees
    • Investment expenses
    • Diversification of investment menu
    • Plan complexity
    • Participant success measures
    • Advisor services offered

Advisor Benchmarking

FeeBenchmarker™ by Ann Schleck & Co., LLC

  • Compares advisor and/or consultant fees to a database of industry norms for a selected plan size:
    • Quartile rankings of advisors’ fees relative to services offered
    • Advisor and/or consultative fee ranges for similar plans by business model
    • Scope of service comparison, including fiduciary services
    • Itemization of retainer and project-based fees

Request for Proposals

Comprehensive RFP process for 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans

  • Provider Comparison Analysis tool helps the advisor and the client compare current plan fees with proposals from other providers based on a consistent and understandable methodology

Investment Analytics

Fiduciary Investment Reporting Monitor (FiRM)

  • FiRM tool provides periodic Investment Monitoring Reports that assists plan sponsors in their fiduciary obligation to regularly review plan investments
  • Advisors and clients craft a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which sets the criteria to monitor the plan’s current investments to be sure they are in line with the plan goals
  • By establishing an IPS for the plan, the plan is following the Department of Labor’s (DOL) best practices


  • Fund rating and evaluation tool available
  • Uses statistical measures to compart against multiple funds


  • Investment research and rating company
  • Objective 3rd party evaluation of specific funds