We are qualified plan integration specialists who concentrate specifically on design, compliance, and qualified plan investment platforms. It is important to note that even the best investments are inadequate without meaningful employee participation. We focus on the whole plan, including design, compliance, investment, communication, and participant outcome, not just the investments.

GWE Retirement Solutions is the Retirement Division of Greenberg, Wexler & Eig, LLC. You can visit our main page at www.gwellc.com.

Your Retirement Allies

We have principals and professional staff that are credentialed as Chartered Financial Consultants and Certified 401(k) Professionals. And since we are completely independent, we are committed to the value proposition of always “putting the client first.” We want our clients to know that we “sit on your side of the table.” We survey the marketplace to help ensure that our clients get the best value from every single vendor involved in the process.

In our firm, each of the three principals are responsible for a particular area of expertise in the insurance and retirement benefits field and together, we make sure that every client of GWE has the benefit of receiving the firm’s best thinking and most effective solutions.

As an independent firm associated with a national provider in M Financial Group, our firm can take advantage of the flexibility of being independent as well as the scale and resources of a larger firm. M Financial Group is owned by its 140+ Member Firms in the US and Europe, including Greenberg, Wexler & Eig. This unique structure gives Greenberg, Wexler & Eig the national footprint and business philosophy that allows us to better understand and connect with our clients

Do you know your risk tolerance?

Risk tolerance is your ability and comfort with experiencing the large swings in the value of your investments.

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